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CAPS Business Students Make Presentations

Students in the CAPS Business classes pitched business ideas for the community to members of Downtown Washington, Inc. in the Confluence Room at the Four Rivers Career Center on Monday, Sept. 25.

The topic was ways to increase foot traffic in Downtown Washington.

The students broke into groups and gave their business presentations, which were approximately two weeks in the making.

The business ideas by the students ranged from a corn cob pipe monument, a clothes retail shop targeting for teenagers, an art district, a beautification project, a walking and bicycle trail, a bicycle share, murals, a scavenger hunt and downtown tracks of walking and bicycle paths.

Following the presentations, members of Downtown Washington, Inc. met with each group of students, providing their feedback.

The Business course, instructed by Cathy Jinkerson, helps students learn foundational skills in the area of business when starting a company. Students will engage with real professionals in the field throughout the process.

Photos of the presentations are below.