College Credit

CAPS maintains partnership programs with higher education institutions providing CAPS students the opportunity to earn college credits while completing their high school requirements through concurrent enrollment.


CAPS Teaching Careers


EDFL2100 Intro to Teaching 3 credit hours

This course is divided into two sections.  First semester is the theory and class work required to meet the state and dual credit competencies and to provide a foundation for teaching. First semester will be exploring the foundations and history of education, while 2nd semester will be reflecting, crafting lesson plans and projects designed to transition from a student to a teacher mindset. Students will interact with professionals in the field and will apply problem solving and communication skills in the professional setting. Students will apply academic skills in mathematics, communication, and language arts. As students complete projects and other assignments, a portfolio of work will be developed.  A high level of work is expected of all students, so students may be asked to re-do work until it is of a level of quality accepted in the professional field. Students will be expected to act as a young professional at all times.


FLDX2150 Intro to Field Experience 1 credit hour

This class is designed for students who are seriously considering the elementary or secondary teaching profession or corporate education. Each student is assigned to a district school within the high school attendance boundaries. Cadets keep weekly journals, complete long term projects, prepare and present a lesson(s), and work closely with students of the assigned supervising teacher. Students will demonstrate good moral character, good work habits, responsibility, punctuality and organizational skills.


CAPS Global Business


BU 110 – Introduction to Business 3 credit hours  

A survey course designed to give the student general knowledge of the modern business world and a better basis for choosing concentrated business offerings.

BU 151 – Fundamentals of Management 3 credit hours

A study in the evaluation and comparison of private and public personnel practices and the techniques of recruiting, selecting, transferring, promoting, classifying, and training workers.

BU 181 – Business Communications 3 credit hours  

This course presents principles of communication that apply to the needs of today’s business professionals. The study of strategies and skills for effective writing and speaking in business organizations to include interpersonal skill development and conflict resolution while addressing the many business technical modes of communication delivery.

COM 110 – Public Speaking 3 credit hours  

This course will examine the past, present and future of mass media as well as its role in our lives and society. Topics include theoretical foundations, history, literacy, culture, ethics, trends and more. Students will analyze a variety of media including print, radio, television, film advertising, public relations, the Internet, and other news media.