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Ways to Engage with Us!

•Teacher Resource Person/Externship Partner with a teacher who may need to bounce an idea off of you while lesson planning, assessing, or planning a project. We can incorporate real world learning into our math, English, social studies, science/health les-sons, etc. with the help of our business partners. Teachers often times go straight to work in a school after completing their under-graduate degree to teach. We could use the help of an outside in-fluence who may be able to help in the development of our next great lesson! Or invite a teacher to shadow your employees to learn and then lesson plan.

•Industry/Business Tour (Host)
Would your company like to host a teacher tour? Our teachers are always eager to learn about industry in our area. The ideas they gather from their tour with your company will help them under-stand the skills you are looking for in your employees. Additionally, they can learn ways to make their lesson plans more au-thentic based on what they learn on the tour.

•Mentor Would you be willing to mentor a student working on a project relevant to your area of expertise? Students need authentic feedback from our industry leaders. Students in our bio-medical, engineering, business, IT, media and other programs are developing their own solutions, working on projects, developing their own start ups or looking to complete a project for you. Meet with a student as they have questions and need an expert to bounce their ideas off of. Be the person they need to make their project or idea a reality.

POWER of Pathways

•Industry Tour (Student Tour Host) – Would your company like to host a student tour to share with students the great things your company has to offer and the skills you are looking for in your employ-ees? Student tours help local stu-dents make more informed decisions regarding their school focus, course work and post secondary options.

•Advisory Board Member – Our ca-reer and technical programs at (Four Rivers), as well as our advanced pro-fessional studies (CAPS business & teaching academy) and Project Lead the Way Engineering and Bio-medical programs each have advisory board committees. Can you serve as an advisor to one of these great programs of study? Our instructors need quality individuals interested in guiding programs to ensure continuous improvement efforts prevail.

•Internship Site – Have a job for one of our students? Can your business be an internship location where a student can perform a job for you while achieving credit in one of our particular classes at the same time. Or, is your company looking for seasonal help? In-terview some of our students who may have an interest in provid-ing you with a service while learning your industry.
Guest Speaker – Do you have someone eager to share information about their job and your business? Provide a guest speaker to help us increase student exposure to a variety of careers, from entry level to upper management, small business, etc.

POWER of Pathways

Ways to Engage with Us!

•Career Day/Fair Participant – Periodically, career fairs are held so students can interact with a variety of different business and indus-try leaders. Your business/industry can showcase its products and services while also answering questions coming directly from our students. Students can learn the skills needed to successfully work for you, set goals to ensure they develop those skills, and fully un-derstand the level of education or training needed to be successful.

•Project Idea Contributor –  As part of a capstone project or pro-ject for a particular class, students will complete authentic, real-world projects for outside partners. Does your company have a list of about 10 projects you would like to see through, but sometimes, you never quite get to number 7, 8, 9 or 10? If so, see what a stu-dent can do with your idea or need. Project examples may include launching your social media platform, developing your communica-tion strategy, designing a product or service you would like to ex-plore, etc.

Investor – Students who might be aspiring entrepreneurs may need investors to help them build a prototype, explore a technology solution, and/or build their concept. Would you sponsor a student as they worked through their start up supplies, developed their con-cept, product or idea for beta testing and/or in preparation of taking their concept out to market? Would you be willing to be an investor (level of investment solely up to the sponsor after business concept has been adequately pitched to leadership)?