The CAPS Teaching Careers program at Four Rivers Career Center held a Shadow Day to raise awareness of CTE (Career and Technical Education) and specifically its program in education.


The event was held in the Confluence room at the Career Center on Tuesday, Nov. 20.


The Teaching Careers program, instructed by Jenny Meers, is a one-year program designed to provide students with authentic teaching experiences while partnering with local schools to complete observation hours and assignments related to course work. The program is open to high school seniors.


Students from all of the Four Rivers Career Center’s sending schools were invited to participate in the Shadow Day.


Throughout the day, the shadow students participated in building tours, ice breakers and collaboration exercises.


They also listened to presentations and slideshows on the Teaching Careers program, had a question and answer session with current cadets in the program, and had the opportunity to discuss current issues in education.


Nearly 50 students attended the Teaching Careers Shadow Day.


Photos from the Teaching Careers’ Shadow Day at the Four Rivers Career Center are below.