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Teaching Careers Program Hosts Ed Night

Students in the CAPS Teaching Careers program at the Four Rivers Career Center hosted “Ed Night” on Tuesday, March 3, in the Confluence room at FRCC.

The open house event showcased the students’ projects, accomplishments and achievements throughout the school year. On display were presentations on school reform issues and topics.

The students also gave presentations in breakout sessions on education-related topics.

The FRCC Teaching Careers program continues to grow. It’s a senior-only program for students looking to explore education as a profession.

The Teaching Careers students also presented a checks for $100 to both All Abilities Athletics and the MBC Buddy Bag Program of New Haven. They money came from various fundraisers throughout the school year.

Additionally, students in the program signed a commitment letter to formally announce their intent to pursue a career in education.

Photos from the Teaching Careers “Ed Night” at the Confluence room, along with check presentations, are below.